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Ninnescah Sailing Association (NSA) members believe they have the best sailing organization in the Midwest — a lot of good wind, beautiful facilities, and great people who love to sail and have fun.

Our success relies on years of an active membership (now 200+) volunteering their time and talent to improve the club. We are a sailing community of novices to experienced sailors, day-sailors to racers, of all ages, occupations, and backgrounds.


Upcoming Events

Sunday - September 2nd

  • 5:30 - King Neptune
  • 6:00 - Social
  • 6:30 - Dinner
  • 9:00 - Fireworks

Thursday - September 7

  • Board of Governors meeting

Location: Pathways Church on Maize Rd. 

Basement Room B016 at 7:00 p.m. 

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About Us

Ninnescah Sailing Association was founded in 1965. NSA has beautful facilities, good wind, and great people who love to sail. No matter your personality, come join the crew. It is great with family and friends.

Our Mission 

Ninnescah Sailing Association (NSA), an organization for sailing enthusiasts in Wichita, Kansas, surrounding communities, and everyone who loves sailing. NSA is an open-membership, non-profit organization located on the west side of Cheney Reservoir, in Reno County. 

Our mission is to promote the sport of sailing, sportsmanship, and water safety in Kansas.


Our Mainsheet

NSA publishes a monthly newsletter called the Mainsheet. News, events, regattas, social events, and articles are published to keep members aware of the many current activities. 
The Mainsheet is distributed by email to all members at the beginning of each month.

For more information contact the Mainsheet editor at

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